Pool Cups Are Fun!

Kids love streaming water from the holes in Pool Cups. Each cup has a different number of holes. Collect them all!

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Anywhere There is Water

Kids love playing with Pool Cups at Pools, Lakes, Ponds...even in the Bath Tub. If there is water, kids want Pool Cups!

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Kids Love All the Different Hole Patterns

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Any Pool Will Do

Kids love Pool Cups in all types of pools!

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See Pool Cups in Action!

Why do parents love Pool Cups?

  • No Power Required

    Pool Cups don't need charging cords or batteries. It's like going back to the 80's and kids love it!

  • No Screens

    We understand it's hard to limit screen time these days. Pool Cups have no screens so you don't have to worry! 

  • Inspires Creative Play

    Kids create amazing games when playing with Pool Cups. The water flowing from the cups triggers imaginative play almost instantly. 

  • Time for You

    While kids are playing with Pool Cups parents get time for themselves to talk with other adults or just enjoy a cup of coffee. 


"My kids love Pool Cups! They ask for them every time we use our pool"

"We use them in pool, in the bath tub, at the beach. Kids love them everywhere"

We have 3 kids and we fight over who gets to play with the Pool Cups