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Pool Cups were invented on August 20, 2016 when Ryan, Mary Rose, Jerry and Michele were hanging out at a pool with their families, a combined 6 kids. The kids were constantly running in and out of the house grabbing cups from the cabinets to use in the pool. 

Michele complained that this was so frustrating because the cups get scratched and broken and they can't use them any more. 

That's when we had our 'Jerry Maguire' moment! There should be special cups that are made for the pool. Not only that, but they should be super fun and have holes in them.


Pool Cups were invented that summer day in 2016

We have been blown away by how much kids love Pool Cups and so thankful to our customers who have supported us over the years.


We have tested 100's of hole varieties and continue to test and refine which hole configurations kids like the most. 

We of course love sharing photos of kids playing with Pool Cups. Below is our first photo shoot back in 2016. That's Jerry in the foreground and Ryan in the black shirt. 


Pool Cups are all about fun in the sun! While it would seem like Pool Cups are for kids, they are actually to help the adults. When kids play with Pool Cups adults get time to hang out with each other and actually talk. 

We are all struggling with finding things to keep our kids busy that do not involve screens or electricity and Pool Cups are one answer! No batteries, charging cords, screens that break, just water streaming from cups and kids using their imagination. 

Thanks for visiting and if you have any questions, comments or want to share how your kids are using Pool Cups find us on all the social media places.